Whiskey Barrel Gifts

How to Use Whiskey Barrel for Container Gardening


The whiskey barrel has been on a trial for quite some time and as a planter, it has been proven to give a very prominent display for the garden. The size of the wooden planters makes them very efficient and perfect for the small trees or large shrubs. This can also be used as an herb garden that is very ideal for the kitchen door on the outside. The best thing is that these barrels do last for so many years before one can think of having them replaced.


Using Red Head Barrels for the gardening work is one thing that is very awesome because it recaptures the past and develops some captivating planter for the perennials, trees, shrubs, as well as herbs which are very attractive and captivating at the same time. There exists the full-size and the half-size barrel and the choice is yours, in that when you decide on using the half barrel, you will either use it when it is upright standing or put it on the sides and allow the flowers to flow out of it. It is wise for one to know where the barrel will be placed and make sure that it is in the right spot because once it is full, it becomes more than heavy for an individual to move it around.

Another consideration is the size of the plants to be used in the barrel. The moment you acquire the whiskey barrel and you get it safely home, it is upon you to decide on the plants that you want to plant in it. One thing that is needed is a drill which has large bits to create holes in the barrel that will be used for drainage. The drainage holes should be made on the barrel sides between two metal straps at the bottom. Drainage should be perfect so that the plants will grow very well. Get the perfect whiskey barrel gift here!


For one to get the best of the results, it is recommended that one should use the soil mixture in the whiskey barrel. The growing mixture for the soil is very absorbent allowing the roots to grow bigger hence the growth of the plants. Plants in the barrel also need to be water and some fertilizer added


Some garden d?cor like the garden gnomes may be added to set off the planter and you can stand at a distance and watch the plants in the whiskey barrel grow as the flower blossom. To read more about the benefits of whiskey barrel gifts, go to http://edition.cnn.com/style/gallery/whiskey-barrel-art/index.html.